Here are some commitments that we make to you when you visit:

  •  Due to the Covid 19 restrictions, please click on Children's Programs under the "Ministries" tab, and also on "News" for the most current updates.  
  • You are welcome, wherever you are in your journey of faith

  • You will hear scripture preached and applied to your life from the King James Version.
  • Services are only 1 hour long, but there are 3 during the week. Each is unique and attended by most of the regulars. You're welcome to visit or attend any of the services. Our hymns are lively, and you'll fit right in even if you've never been in a choir. The acoustics are great, our people like to sing, and our pianists are more than talented enough to cover everyone else's mistakes!
  • Childcare up to 4 years old on Sunday morning and evening services, "Sunday School" on Wednesday evening for all ages.    
  • Each service is faithfully prayed for. The preacher may not know you are coming, but God does - and He has prepared something special for you.  Listen to His Spirit, to the preaching, to the singing, and respond to God appropriately.