Lakeside Baptist Church, is located just a block from our beautiful namesake lake. We are an unaffiliated church which simply means that we function as a self governing body that is free from denominational hierarchy.  We do, however, hold to historic Baptist beliefs within the context of biblical Christianity meaning, that we view the Bible as the source of faith and practice for the believer.

Our church family, therefore, enjoys biblical freedom and seeks to: display loyalty to Jesus Christ as the Lord of our lives, be a beacon of hope, in troubling times, by being a light upon a hill, we endeavor to be compassionate Christians who lighten the burdens of fellow believers, we attempt to earnestly love people where they are at to get them where God wants them to be, and we enlist together as a church congregation as laborers in the Lord's harvest to fulfill the great commission.

We would love for you to come and join us!