Tracy Kjenner
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The Lakeside Baptist Church family is excited to congratulate Pastor Yellowknee on his first published work!

In the early parts of the Covid 19 isolation period, the Lord worked in a mighty way and stirred a poetic hunger in our pastor. He was quick to put pen to paper as these ideas flooded to him and thus his e-book, entitled Acrostic Creations, was created.

We can proudly say that it quickly reached #1 book in Poetry on! The Lord has used writings in it to draw folks back to the Bible and focus on the amazing love and comfort only God can provide in uncertain times.

For any who are so inclined, the book can be viewed on Kindle or a Kindle App is also easily available. We encourage you to take a few moments to check out the book. It is not a lengthy book but it packs a punch if you allow God to work in you as you read it.

Congratulations, Pastor Yellowknee! We look forward to what the Lord may prompt you to write next!