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Why I Serve the Saviour

(written by Charles P. Hollingsworth, March 19, 2008)

I have the privilege of  proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It cannot be seen, cannot be touched, and its full benefits will not be realised until you die.  It is priceless, yet free!  The Gospel was designed in eternity past, it was delivered over 2000 years ago, yet its relevance to modern man is unsurpassed, and I can confidently proclaim its ability to impact lives for the rest of eternity.  I am not a poor salesman, but a privileged ambassador for the High King of Glory.  My credentials are impeccable, for they are not my own but His.  He washed me in His blood, redeemed through His love, and when the Great Judge of all the earth looks at me, He sees the righteousness of His Son. 

His service manual has needed no revisions since He authored it and His policies have stood the test of time. He has not changed His mind but is busy changing mine! His purpose is to conform me to His image and for that purpose He has left me His Handbook. It supplies the answers to all my questions.  Wisdom is found on its pages and peace is realized in its application.  There are no problems in life that cannot be solved by reference to its eternal truths.  The wisest scholar cannot exhaust it, yet the simplest saint has ready access to its riches.  It cannot be destroyed, for it is eternal.  It cannot be ignored, for it sharp and pierces every soul.  It must only be obeyed from the heart, for therein lies both safety and satisfaction.

I serve because He treats His servants like family.  I never have to wait to talk to Him, and no problem is too small to bring to His attention.  Heaven’s “knee-mail” is never down, I never receive spam, and viruses are unheard of.  There are no unions to contend with, no strikes to be part of, and no reasons ever to leave His employment!  His yoke is easy, His burden is light, and whenever I feel overwhelmed, He invites me to cast my burden on Him.

I labour in His service for His wages are excellent and His retirement plan has no equal anywhere in the universe. In an age when financial institutions the world over are reeling in shock, I rest secure knowing that the bank of heaven is stable and its resources are still limitless. The vagaries of the stock market are irrelevant to His economy, and the value of my rewards in glory will never be devalued.  The price of gold has skyrocketed here, but in glory, they still have enough reserves to pave the streets with it.

I am content and pleased to follow the leadership of my Great Commander, for no breath of scandal has ever touched his person, His integrity is impregnable, and His character has survived every attack made upon it for the last six millennia.  He is as innocent as a Lamb, yet is mighty as a Lion.  And when that mighty Lion of Judah roars at the end of time, and the great deceiver is cast down in chains, then afterward He will reign on high for the rest of eternity.  All wickedness will be banished, all sin will be gone, and we will rejoice in our matchless Saviour forever.

What a Saviour! 

And what a reason to serve!