Vern Brown
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Many people have heard of the Dead Sea in Israel.  Perhaps you have seen pictures of swimmers unable to sink, or some of the beautiful colours that come from the mineral saturated waters.   The water in the this sea is stagnant, and barely supports life - mostly bacteria.  This is because water flows into the dead sea, but not out of it. The Dead sea is also the lowest point on earth.  It spits up asphalt bits constantly.  Not from the water itself, but from underneath the lake.  It really is an amazing place.

Some Christians are like the Dead Sea.  They are always taking in but rarely giving out.  They fill up on good music and good preaching and good fellowship... but it's always a one way street.  The blessings don't flow out of them like they should to others.  They are always looking for something good from God, and eventually something predictable happens.

They stop smelling alive and fresh and start to stink in their attitudes.  Their mountain top experiences cease and they continually experience the low places in their lives.  They become needy and sometimes greedy and after a while it takes enormous amounts of fresh blessings to keep them even as happy and joyful as the world.  And if the blessings stop flowing even a little - the lake shrinks.  That's right, the lake. The Dead Sea is ten times saltier than the ocean and it's supposed to be a freshwater lake, fed by the Jordan River!  And the Christian who just takes in usually becomes more bitter and dried up than the unsaved.

Christian,  does God pour His blessings into you for nothing?  Has your pastor and the church given physical and spiritual blessings so they can stagnate around you?  Of course not.  So if your attitude stinks a bit, and life seems a bit dead, it might be time to open a channel of blessing to others.  Become a giver, a servant, a helper, and a doer of the Word.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. James 1:22

Pastor Charles Hollingsworth