To Rescue a Sinner like Me


  1. tnx for this song. its very great…

    i really could not understand how Jesus saves a sinner like me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    praise God!

  3. I have been trying to find a copy of this song. Can you tell me where I can order it?


  4. Charles Hollingsworth says:

    I am not certain. Try, or call Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA and ask for their music department.

    It is a great song about a Awsome God isn’t it?

  5. can anyone send me a chords for this song to rescue a sinner like me? it’s really a nice.

  6. krestian lee fernandez, lakes city bible baptist church says:

    can i have the copy of this song including the chords and parts…thank you very much.. God bless!

  7. jane santiago says:

    hi!! im the musician in our church..OPEN BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH…i really would want to have the chords/sheet music of to recue a sinner like me…could you please give a copy…im from the philippines..thank you Godbless!!

  8. Chris Hughes says:

    I have also been looking for sheet music to this song. I would like to use it at
    Christmas time in my home church. Please send me any information you
    may have.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  9. victor Tusoy says:

    i like this song to inspiring me and other unsave hope u give me a minus one copy if we have……..thanks to God and sing this song ….Vic

  10. Fidelity says:

    I like this song and I’m looking for the music sheet of it.I want to sing this in our Church as a testimony.Could you please share…..



  11. Yanti Pasaribu says:

    Hi I’m from Indonesia,

    This song strengthen me as I listened, is there somebody mind to share the parts or song notations, chords of this song, we would like to sing this also in my church……Thanks.

    Jesus bless us ^_^

  12. Jephunneh Tabotabo says:

    PRAISE GOD. . .!!!!

  13. Jephunneh Tabotabo says:


  14. hi.. can i ask for the music sheet of this song? i really like it, and i’d like to play it in church.

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